It’s a war of sneakers in Bridgehampton!!!

There are a million things we need in the Hamptons. A shoe repair place… A good electronics store (Best Buy)… a Target (over K-Mart) … a decent Mexican restaurant… oh the list can go on and on. What we don’t need is another sporting goods store. There’s already a few in East Hampton and Southampton. But in Bridgehampton the folks form Kimco don’t want you to walk far to do your comparison shopping for your next pair of NIKE’s, just go next door. Yep, they’ve allowed the chain Olympia Sports to open next to Sneakerology! If anyone knows how this happened.. let me know.

I spoke to employees at each location and apparently they’re out for blood. Both swearing they’ll put the other out of business! Who knew Reebok’s and Under Armor could stir such emotion! Meanwhile in other Bridgehampton news… I have to check out to see if Staples is opened yet. My guess is not likely!

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