Moby’s Now-be Maybe.

Moby’s in East Hampton…. maybe.

Well I was destined to write something about one of my favorite discoveries from the summer of Covid-19 2020. Moby’s restaurant in East Hampotn looks like is in for a bummer of a Summer 21. Early yesterday morning the eatery had a substantial fire in the basement of the nearly 100 year old building. Although damage doesn’t look too bad, it seems unlikely they can get up and running by Memorial Day next week. I actually went there a few times last year and found it a really great experience with good service, diverse menu and good food. Dining out here will be tough as it is this summer (see my previous blog). Here’s hoping Moby’s will be back up and running in some capacity. Maybe an outdoor wood fire /grill restaurant would work???

Oh, I forgot to say why I was “destined” to write something. On April Fools Day I was going to do a blog about how it was recently bought by Andy Cohen and he planned to turn it into a gay nightclub called….. wait for it… “Moby Dicks.” Yes, hilarious! I know.

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