We know it’s a jungle out there…  I’m not even going to mention some of the the real estate agents I know… but here is new one for the horrors of housing that even took me by surprise.  Yes, even scarier than the Munster’s house on 114!   According to the Long Island Board of Realtors there is a rash of cyber-fraud being committed against unsuspecting parties in real estate transactions.

Apparently disguises are used when committing cyber crime!
The “fraudster” hacks into the email of real estate, agents, buyers, seller and even attorneys to obtain all the information about the sale of the house.   Then scam artist sends a very official looking e mail containing information pertinent to the sale of the house and then requests that a large sum of money be transferred into a designated accounting claiming it’s needed for the real estate action to proceed.
Apparently the e mail looks so legit.. that people are sending large sums of money only to find out they’ve been had.  Now, in addition to hacking e mails, I imagine this can also be done by simply looking up for homes “in contract” on various real estate websites.    With data flowing so free and easy on the web, it would only take just a few minutes to possibly find out a homeowners e mail address.    If you’re reading this and doing a deal guys, not a bad idea you tip your owners and buyers off about being on guard.
Party animal and unhappy contest hopeful Bella!

If your or anyone you know has been approached or affected by this scam you can report this to Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and the gang at the FBI by visiting the website:

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