Forget the Piping Plover… is there a NEW endangered species in the Hamptons??!

Let’s face it… we live in a one horse town out here! One horse in the sense that it’s a one industry town. An industry where you keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Well the publisher at Hamptons Cottage and Garden made a lot of friends last week and even more enemies. The reason, a full issue that consisted almost entirely of Corcoran ads. I’ve spoken with a couple brokers from all the companies and they’ve pretty much said the same thing, “who would advertise in HC&G now?!” Now if you look at the last issue and compare it to Jason Binn’s Hamptons Magazine, the Corcoran stunt in my assesment was a last ditch effort at life support. Fourth of July through the end of the summer, most magazines are ripe with ads and articles perfect for your coffee table. If you take a look at the current issue which was post “C” issue, it was more of a leaflet than a magazine. HC&G used to be a great magazine and still is in some respects. I’m just wondering how they can stick around? By the way, I keep seeing new magazines tossed everywhere. ENOUGH! Between Dan’s, Hamptons, HC&G and the papers, how much can you read on one weekend?! But of course you’ll always have time for my blog! Hello? HellOOOOO!? Does anyone read this anyway???!

The Summer is Starting and The Hamptons finally has good Chinese food!!!

Phillipe Chow, Stratis Mortogen and Hampton’s publisher Debra Halpert (photo: Rossa Cole)

Hampton’s Magazine held their annual pre-season kick-off party last Thursday night and everybody was there…including yours truly! Hampton’s Publisher Debra Halpert and Jason Binn who always know how to throw a good party, hosted this year’s event at the former Tsunami…. former Resort… former Kobe Beach Club…. now and probably getting it right …. the new PHILLIPE’S, as in Phillipe Chow of MISTER CHOW’S fame!! We can now do scenes from “Hurlyburly” in the Hamptons!!!
It should be interesting in how the jet-setters will be flocking to Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton. I used to live on that lovely little trek and there was no jetting on that street ever.. unless you count the occasionally lost private jet searching for the airport and instead rattling my little trailer with shingles! OK, I’m exaggerating a little.

Anyway, the new PHILLIPE’S will offer, charter helicopter service to the restaurant, a late night kitchen open to1 am normally and 2am on Friday and Saturday. That means the Hess station will no longer be the only late night grub in the Hamptons… SAY GOODBYE TO MICROWAVED BURRITOS with an unleaded chaser!!

So how was the food the other night at the party? Pretty awesome actually and such a welcome to the Hamptons after WEI FUN’S …way disgusting stuff. The beef satay’s were spicy and amazing… the spring rolls were crisp and light….. and the martini’s… well.. they made everything better! So take a shot, try it out but I suggest after this week calling ahead for reservations. Phillipe’s is located at 44 Three Mile Harbor Rd. at Oakview Highway, East Hampton… right past Della Famina and bare left. 631-907-0250 By the way thanks to Natalie L an Lisa B. Xo