Design of the TImes!

So everyday, I have people ask me, “why hasn’t my house rented/sold!?”    While I’ve spoken about things like pricing, marketing and bad agents there is also one that comes up often.  It’s the house that hasn’t had a make over in 20 years.   While there are some savvy home buyers who can see the potential with any house with good bones, most can’t see through the chipping paint, worn out carpeting and dated furniture.

So what can you do to make your home more marketable?  Well you can hire an interior designer or home stager for one.  One of my friends who also happens to be MY home designer Drew McGukin (I may be stylish but my taste in home decor is a bit “off” so I hired him) recently stopped by to discuss what is “in” and what is “out” in home furnishings.   He also gave me some great ideas for what’s in , what’s out and where to get the best bang for your buck!   I hope you find this as fun to watch as I had talking with him…

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