Spring has sprung in the Hamptons! After a long and brutal winter, the sun is finally shining, the birds are singing, and the businesses are starting to reopen. From delicious prepared and baked foods to fresh lobster salads and amazing sunsets, there is something for everyone in the Hamptons this season.

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First up, Round Swamp Farm in East Hampton opened its doors on Wednesday. If you’ve never been to Round Swamp Farm, you are in for a treat! This family-owned farm offers a wide variety of insanely good prepared and baked foods, from Lisa’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and RS Ttriple Berry Pie to Mexican layer dip and killer gazpacho (but not Almodovar kind of way ). And don’t forget to try their famous crab cakes, which are to die for!

Next up, Duryea’s Montauk will be opening next week for the season, and lobster salad will be available starting May 11th. This seafood hotspot is a must-visit if you’re in the area. Their lobster salad is the stuff of legend, and the views of the water from their outdoor deck are simply breathtaking.

If you’re in the mood for a lobster roll, head over to Lunch in Amagansett. They started serving up their delicious lobster rolls last week, and they are definitely worth the trip. Made with fresh, local ingredients, these rolls are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

For amazing sunsets and great food, make sure to check out Beacon Sag Harbor, starting May 17th. This waterfront restaurant is one of the best places to catch a sunset in the Hamptons, and their menu is full of delicious, locally-sourced dishes.

Opening tonight, the team behind Sí Sí in East Hampton, Enchanté channels the charm of a Parisian brasseries with a relaxed atmosphere. Located at the former location of Red Bar in Southampton, the renovated restaurant has been given a total overhaul with a rich european flair. For menus and reservasations you can click here.

And finally, for another amazing sunset hot spot in East Hampton, head over to Bostwicks on the Harbor, which opened its doors tonight at 5:30 pm. This seafood shack is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day, with stunning views of the harbor and some of the freshest seafood around.

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Finally, get ready to meat your new butcher! Justin Aronoff, founder of Center Cuts, is opening a high-end gourmet food store in Wainscott called “Curated Fine Meats”. This jewel box of a store which looks more like Tiffany than a butcher shop features refrigerated cases built into the walls and a “jewel” case showcasing the finest Wagyu and dry-aged beef. All of their hand-selected, curated meats will come vacuum-sealed and ready to go. And it’s not just meat they’re offering – Curated Fine Meats will also carry a full array of quality sauces and marinades from local and regional culinary businesses. Don’t miss their grand opening on May 13th – it’s sure to be a rare and well-done event!

So there you have it, folks! Spring has arrived in the Hamptons, and the businesses are starting to reopen. Whether you’re in the mood for Wagyu , fresh seafood, decadent baked goods, or simply an amazing sunset, there is something for everyone on the East End.

Spring Clean Up Time…. and are you Dirty Dining??!

“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz’.  I wonder where the birdie is?   The little bird it’s on the wing.  No that’s absurd the little wing is on the bird”  – Curly Howard

Yes, spring is beginning to poke its head in the Hamptons.   That of course means time to get your  house and home ready for the avalanche of new friends and guests that seem to appear about the same time as the tulips and daffodils bloom!     But as we all know, those bulbs and flowers don’t bloom themselves.   A beautiful garden takes prep!  It also requires a spring clean up and recently I discussed this very topic with the talented and affable Frederico Azevedo from Unlimited Earth Care in Bridgehampton.     Here are some of his basic suggestions to make sure you have a house beautiful!

Speaking of seasonal clean ups, there are a few food establishments on the East End that need to get their acts together.   In case you missed the headlines, there has been quite a stir in the city lately with the home of the “cronut” Dominique Ansel bakery... (I’ll have cronut hold the Mickey please)…. and Per Se having lots of drama with health inspectors.    So that got me thinking (yes occasionally that happens),  “Self,  are the restaurants in the Hamptons clean?”

This is a better image then seeing a mouse in a kitchen, right?

While it would be great to see those grades on windows like they have in the city, no such thing exists in Suffolk County. So naturally that means you need to go on the web and do some snooping of course!  Now, I’m happy to report that while all my favorite establishments have received a clean report card, there are others in the Hamptons that weren’t so lucky.  So what are some of the violations?  Well, not to gross you out but apparently inspectors found everything from moldy cheese, improperly stored fish and poultry, uncovered rodent bait stations to some employees who don’t like washing their hands!!!     So, who were the guilty parties?  I’ll never tell you need to go the link here and see for yourself.   Be careful,  you might not like what you find!!!