Two New Take-Out Spots to Satisfy Your Food Cravings in Sag Harbor

Good news for all you foodies out there! Sag Harbor has recently added two new take-out spots to its culinary map. The first one is called “What the Falafel,” which offers a delightful array of Mediterranean-inspired dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The second one, “Ruby Murray’s Indian,” is set to open soon and promises to be a delicious addition to the neighborhood. So, if you’re in the mood for some mouth-watering food, read on to find out more about these fantastic spots!

WHAT THE FALAFEL and Ruby Murray’s Indian

“What the Falafel” hit the scene just a few weeks ago at 51 Division St. and has already created a buzz in Sag Harbor. Can we call it WTF Sag Harbor? Anywhoo, they offer traditional falafels that are made with fresh ingredients and homemade recipes with a twist. For those who are health conscious, they also have a baked falafel wrap, and a falafel bowl for those who are looking to avoid calories or carbs. The menu also includes hummus options, salad bowls, and a vegan tahini shake that’s become quite popular. Whether you’re a vegan or a meat-eater, there’s something to satisfy your taste buds at this spot. Plus, you can visit their website to place your order online or for more information. Hopefully there won’t be too long a wait as I heard Montauk resident Bill O’Reilly has been stocking up for the coming weekend.

The other exciting addition to Sag Harbor’s culinary scene is “Ruby Murray’s Indian.” Originally started as a “ghost kitchen” in January, it was an instant hit and sold out quickly. The good news is that they are now going to open a physical location at 51 Division Street, right next to “What the Falafel!” They have a diverse menu that also includes some traditional Indian favorites for all who love the flavors of the region. You can place your order in advance or stop by to see what’s cooking. For more information and menu updates, be sure to follow them on Instagram @rubymurrays or check out their website,


After about a year of misteps and false reports of who was opening in the spot next Hampton Chutney on Newtown Lane, Zakura’s has finally opened the doors on their new “to go” location. I heard rumors it was going to be everyone from Nobu to Fee Waybill’s “Sushi Sushi” opening in the location but alas it’s an output of the long established Zakura’s of Amagansett. At least it’s not another italian restaurant. “Zakura to Go” is opened from 11:30 am 8:15 pm daily. Click here for more details. I’m not sure how you would compare to Sushi at CItarella but they at least stay open later.


We are now into the long stretch of Winter. While I should have moved on already, I’m still pissed I didn’t get anything this past Christmas from my “Hamptons Wish List.” But thank goodness my 30th birthday is right around the corner. So what do I want?

Cell Service – I dont’ care if it’s ATT or Verizon or Cricket. I’m just tired of screaming into my Iphone “can you hear me!?”

Shoe Repair/Cleaning – I keep hearing there is a place in Riverhead that handles shoe repair but why can’t we have one a little closer? If there’s one I’m missing, let me knowl

Bike Lanes – I wouldn’t dare ride my bike out here in the Summer. Range Rovers with inexperienced drivers who are texting on their phones with screaming kids in the backround don’t mix well with cyclists with a mere helmet for protection. What I want is someone to pave under the high tension wires from Souithampton to Montauk. I’m pretty sure the land is already cleared and would be a great addition for fitness enthusiasts.

Parking in the Villages – perhaps if we had bike lanes there would be more available parking in the Summer. RIght now, it’s like a roller derby out there in the summer. Something needs to be done.

A New Multiplex – granted I haven’t been to the movies since before Covid. But why I haven’t been back is the fact that we have 6 movies screens for all of the Hamptons. The Regal Cinemas in East Hampton while not awful is not exactly good. We could use some new stadium seating and chairs that weren’t designed by the Marquis de Sade.