Lighting the Hamptons one lamp at a time!

Wainscott, the land of quarries and Speedway Stations has two new things to actually brag about.     The opening of the new Home Goods and the arrival of Osteria Salina at the former site of Georgica Restaurant and night club.  I’ll have more on the restaurant tomorrow!

After lots of moaning and complaining, Home Goods has finally arrived at it’s new location at 368 Montauk Highway. The newly constructed building drew some fire from local officials and some residents for it’s hulking size and close proximity to the road.   But after all the fears and wolf crying, the Hamptons have survived the opening and from the reaction of the crowds it’s a big improvement over what was an abandoned car dealership.   The cedar shake building which is lushly landscaped opened it’s doors Sunday and it was packed to the rafters.
See I’m not kidding!


So why was it so crowded?   Well the discounted purveyor of all things domestic featured everything from Pratesi sheets to Baccrat and Waterford wine glasses at around 50% off of normal retail prices. They also have a good collection of linens and even some furniture and rugs.   Yes, the Hamptons may be considered a land of excess but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a good bargain here on the east end.     I really believe this will be good for all the business owners in the area since it will attract folks who normally wouldn’t travel to Wainscott to shop.   The more the merrier and the more cash for everyone who buys lunch, doesn’t find the right sofa, needs a new bed or has been wanting to get some new blinds!Meanwhile, after about a month the gym in Sag Harbor is open once again.   It’s cleaner, lighter and has a slew of fancy new lockers.    While much of the old equipment has returned, the fresh coat of paint and what I guess was a really good cleaning has actually made a difference.    The gym has never looked better and the towels are new too!    If you don’t believe me… see for yourselves!   By the way, don’t get confused, the entrance has moved to the center of the building and there’s a fancy new reception desk as well.

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