The Sun Hasn’t Set on Sunset Fridays

Well, here we are—another East End summer is officially behind us, though I have to say, it doesn’t feel like the hustle has slowed all that much. I’m not seeing tumbleweeds since Tumbleweed Tuesday, and the Hamptons continues to run hot with lots to do and enjoy.

Keeping that in mind, I’m thrilled that Wölffer Estate Vineyard still has three more weeks of their bucolic, wine-filled Sunset Fridays concerts among the vines in Sagaponack. The first is tonight, September 10 with popular East End band Hopefully Forgiven. The music begins at 5 p.m. and I suggest getting there on the early side because Wölffer doesn’t take reservations and they’re limiting capacity.

If you’ve not been, Wölffer at sunset is among the Hamptons’ loveliest spots. The atmosphere is casual and guests can sip the winery’s wines and ciders by the glass and munch on bar menu items, served in takeout containers, on the back patio. They suggest bringing a blanket so you can lounge on the lawn, and I concur. Unfortunately, no dogs allowed – GRRRRRR SAYS RUSSELL. But remember, those vines are growing actual wine grapes, and no one wants to see lifted legs around the fruit that will one day be bottled as Wölffer Finca or Summer in a Bottle rosés—even my Bella and Russell can understand that (as much as they don’t like it).

Sunset Fridays continue through the end of the month, with Kristen Thien Band playing on Friday, September 17, and Charles Certain Moves on September 24. More info at

Airport Future Is Up in the Air

Vintage photo but you get the idea!

In other news, the East Hampton Airport may be on the verge of shutting down following years of noise complaints from the nearby residents. East Hampton Town is hosting workshops for the community to help decide its future. They started in-person yesterday, September 9 at LTV Studios in Wainscott. A virtual workshop begins via Zoom tonight at 7 p.m. (visit for a link), and a second in-person session is scheduled for Monday, September 13 at 7 p.m. in the Montauk Playhouse. The final virtual workshop is happening (also via Zoom) on Monday, September 20 at 7 p.m.

Attend these if you want to add your thoughts to the conversation, for or against. I happen to live right in the airport’s flight path and it has become increasingly vexing over the years since I bought my house—knowing full well, by the way, that airplane and helicopter noise might be an issue. But it wasn’t that bad early on. The problem has become exponentially worse with each passing year, to the point where I’ve woken to the sound of jet engines at 3 a.m. some mornings, and the so-called enforcement has not been enough. The fines are not enough. People flying PJs to the Hamptons don’t care about the cost, and the pilots don’t care because they’re getting paid by the passengers who don’t care. Like everything in the Hamptons, it’s just too much sometimes.

That said, the airport is a valuable and important asset and resource to this community and I would really hate to see it go, but something needs to change, desperately. The town or FAA or East Hampton Airport management needs to figure out a solution soon, or we’ll lose an 80-year-old local institution.

By the way, if you want to take a closer look at the airport and get a sense of what they do offer, the East Hampton Aviation Association is hosting a “Just Plane Fun Day” there this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s such a wild coincidence that this family event extolling the airport’s virtues is happening at the same time as the community workshops to discuss its ultimate fate. Isn’t that amazing? So weird.

The Just Plane Fun Day will have lots of beautiful antique and historic airplanes and cars on view, as well as flybys, a raffle, activities for kids and several excellent East End food trucks. More info at


So, it’s been one of those mornings but here I am anyway.  Without going into details, I went to brush my teeth this morning and instead I ended up well lets just say, I doubt I’ll have inflammation on my gums today.   But before I digress, I’m ready to recap the glorious life of the glamorous and irritated on the East End.

So, last night I had the chance to visit the highly anticipated Wolffer Kitchen in Sag Harbor.   So here’s the good news and the bad news.  The good news is it’s pretty good.   The bad news is it should have been better.    Since it’s the first foray into food for the local vineyard, I’ll give them time to let this potentially fine dine breath.   Located at 29 Main Street in the village, the restaurant opens with a series of folding doors that open up and make it a great place to dine and watch the world go by.    The menu on the other hand is a little more closed with a smaller selection of options.  The wine menu on the other hand is rather extensive and features of course Wolffer wines, numerous imports and this in addition to a few local vineyards including Bedell.

The service as I sat for dinner last night was on their game from start to finish.   I started my dinner with a small Greek salad which was absolutely fantastic, a perfect size with a delicate blend of feta, olives and greens.   Oh my god, do I now sound like a food critic? I have to stop!  Anyway, for an entree I had fresh tuna grilled over pasta which was nice and light but a little too light on flavor.    My dining companion (who you can figure out) had a vegetable platter with I believe some fava beans and he thought it was awesome.   Perhaps the comment that I’m more “suited for heavier flavors”, i.e. bolognese is my favorite should be taken into account.   So what I’m saying is I liked Wolffer Kitchen, I just wasnt’ crazy about it.   Perhaps I’ll hit it up again once they get more time under their belt but I have no doubt it’s going to get better!  Wolffer Kitchen is open daily at 5:30pm and takes reservations on their facebook page or by calling 631-725-0101.

Betty Buckley and Rachel York… The Edies.

I also had a chance to head over to Bay Street Theater last night and catch a performance of the musical “Grey Gardens.”   If you don’t already know the story, shame on you and go directly to Fire Island.  You should know the story!   But anyway, it stars Broadway veterans Betty Buckley and Rachael York as the highly entertaining and dysfunctional society duo.   This is the show that Bay Street was born to perform!    I know tickets are going fast so if you’re thinking of going to see it, get your tickets now! It’s a great show with great performers and a really enjoyable way to spend your evening in Sag Harbor.  It would be an even better night if you call me first and make an offer on the actual Grey Gardens… not that it’s currently for sale but it’s the Hamptons and you never know!

I’m sorry today’s blog was like a review section from Junior Highlights,,, but hey, it’s mine and I write what I want to write!



For the party animals in us all!

It’s not the dog days of summer yet but its time for some doggone fun!   UGH.  Even I know that is a really bad pun!  First a little advertisement for a REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD CAUSE!   The Southampton Animal Shelter holds it’s Fourth Annual Unconditional Love Gala this Saturday.   The shelter was originally operated by the town but due to budget cuts, the town shut the shelter.   A group of concerned locals got together to save the shelter and formed the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation!  Ok, I’m a total sucker for animal charities.   I give to the ASPCA, ARF and I bought a ticket to this event.   I know my stigmata wounds are already acting up… I’m a saint!   It’s a great cause…. a really fun benefit and you can help out some of the cutest Hamptonites around!  You know the cute friendly ones who don’t cut you off, text and drive, brag about their decorator or flash their Panerai!  Bella and Russell can’t go but I know are giving their full support to the benefit.   Thanks to my friends Sarah Alvarez and Molly Molly for telling me about this event!  If you want to purchase tickets and help out… CLICK HERE!

So often I get asked as a real estate agent, “which town is best?”    You know, that’s a really hard question to answer.   I really think every town has some very unique benefits and it’s own pluses and minuses.     So I developed a little quiz here to help you find the town that’s right for you…. it’s fun…
it’s silly… and eerily accurate;  So here we go.

1)   On Saturday afternoons your footwear of choice during the summer is …
a) Barefoot

Where should you go???

b) Gucci or Prada
c) Teva’s
d) Custom Monogrammed slippers

2)    While driving a convertible around town, Paula Abdul comes on the radio.  Do you…
a) Remark “she was a singer? or “Who TF.”
b) Remark “I wish they were playing “Straight-up.”
c) Reduce the volume and hope nobody hears you listening.
d) You would never play the radio while your top was down!

3)    My idea of a memorable evening is…..
a) Not remembering how I got home.
b) Sitting next to Gwyneth and Jerry at The Grill.
c) Getting an invite for sailing and sunset cocktails.
d) Hosting an awesome dinner party and getting some great hostess gifts!

4)     My favorite drink before dinner is…
a) Red Bull and Vodka.
b) A nice Rose or Sancerre.
c) An awesome margarita with
d) A martini… shaken not stirred.

Wolffer Kitchen is open!

Well here are the results… if you answered “a” to more than three of the questions, you need to hang in Montauk baby.   More than 3 “b” answers you should try East Hampton to Water Mill…. “c” It’s Sag Harbor or Amagansett or Hampton Bays…. and “d” it’s Southampton or Quogue.   If you answered less than 3, leave me alone.  I don’t have all day to write this damn blog.

Finally, what’s the latest buzz in Sag Harbor?  Well the Cuddy has set sail and Wolffer Kitchen has arrived in port.   The soft opening was last night and tonight they’ll be serving food and hopefully lots of Wolffer Rose to keep that Summer Buzz going.   They’ll be unlocking the doors tonight at 5.  I’ll ty to stop by or at the very least get the early reviews to you asap.   If you’re curious about the complete menu… click here.