The Sun Hasn’t Set on Sunset Fridays

Well, here we are—another East End summer is officially behind us, though I have to say, it doesn’t feel like the hustle has slowed all that much. I’m not seeing tumbleweeds since Tumbleweed Tuesday, and the Hamptons continues to run hot with lots to do and enjoy.

Keeping that in mind, I’m thrilled that Wölffer Estate Vineyard still has three more weeks of their bucolic, wine-filled Sunset Fridays concerts among the vines in Sagaponack. The first is tonight, September 10 with popular East End band Hopefully Forgiven. The music begins at 5 p.m. and I suggest getting there on the early side because Wölffer doesn’t take reservations and they’re limiting capacity.

If you’ve not been, Wölffer at sunset is among the Hamptons’ loveliest spots. The atmosphere is casual and guests can sip the winery’s wines and ciders by the glass and munch on bar menu items, served in takeout containers, on the back patio. They suggest bringing a blanket so you can lounge on the lawn, and I concur. Unfortunately, no dogs allowed – GRRRRRR SAYS RUSSELL. But remember, those vines are growing actual wine grapes, and no one wants to see lifted legs around the fruit that will one day be bottled as Wölffer Finca or Summer in a Bottle rosés—even my Bella and Russell can understand that (as much as they don’t like it).

Sunset Fridays continue through the end of the month, with Kristen Thien Band playing on Friday, September 17, and Charles Certain Moves on September 24. More info at

Airport Future Is Up in the Air

Vintage photo but you get the idea!

In other news, the East Hampton Airport may be on the verge of shutting down following years of noise complaints from the nearby residents. East Hampton Town is hosting workshops for the community to help decide its future. They started in-person yesterday, September 9 at LTV Studios in Wainscott. A virtual workshop begins via Zoom tonight at 7 p.m. (visit for a link), and a second in-person session is scheduled for Monday, September 13 at 7 p.m. in the Montauk Playhouse. The final virtual workshop is happening (also via Zoom) on Monday, September 20 at 7 p.m.

Attend these if you want to add your thoughts to the conversation, for or against. I happen to live right in the airport’s flight path and it has become increasingly vexing over the years since I bought my house—knowing full well, by the way, that airplane and helicopter noise might be an issue. But it wasn’t that bad early on. The problem has become exponentially worse with each passing year, to the point where I’ve woken to the sound of jet engines at 3 a.m. some mornings, and the so-called enforcement has not been enough. The fines are not enough. People flying PJs to the Hamptons don’t care about the cost, and the pilots don’t care because they’re getting paid by the passengers who don’t care. Like everything in the Hamptons, it’s just too much sometimes.

That said, the airport is a valuable and important asset and resource to this community and I would really hate to see it go, but something needs to change, desperately. The town or FAA or East Hampton Airport management needs to figure out a solution soon, or we’ll lose an 80-year-old local institution.

By the way, if you want to take a closer look at the airport and get a sense of what they do offer, the East Hampton Aviation Association is hosting a “Just Plane Fun Day” there this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s such a wild coincidence that this family event extolling the airport’s virtues is happening at the same time as the community workshops to discuss its ultimate fate. Isn’t that amazing? So weird.

The Just Plane Fun Day will have lots of beautiful antique and historic airplanes and cars on view, as well as flybys, a raffle, activities for kids and several excellent East End food trucks. More info at


I can feel it!  The days are longer and the weekends are getting a little more crowded with city folk looking for their summer retreat.     So while we all enjoy the re-leaf of spring and increasing temperatures, it’s actually time for beach lovers to think about Summer!   Yep, those coveted East Hampton Village beach passes have been on sale for a


while now and the supplies are running low.   According to the folks at the Village Clerk’s offices there are currently less than 200 still available for the Summer ’19 season.   But don’t panic if you can’t make it out here to pick up your sticker.    You can go online and purchase your pass.     If you need the link, click here.    Remember, you need the pass to legally park at village beaches after 9 am to 4pm from May 15th to September 15th.   I know with the cold damp weather it might not seem like it,  but summer is approaching faster than you know.

Sometimes you really wanna go where everybody knows your name.   One way to ensure that will happens is to get in on what more and more Hamptons homeowners are discovering, bars are the new media rooms.   Yep, you heard me right!    It’s something I discovered for myself a few years ago when my partner and I bought our “spec” house in East Hampton.     In the family room was a big, bulky and industrial looking wet bar.   It felt like my college pub without the brokgreenhollowbaren glass and funky smell.    My first thought was to pull the sucker out but after our first get together we noticed this had become the focal point for the party.    Eventually, we renovated and changed the bar to its current state (pictured) where it is still the place everybody hangs!    It really makes entertaining fun and apparently I’m not the only one who think so.   In just the past few months I’ve listed homes both new and old with expansive set ups; wine fridges, sinks, dishwashers, ice machines, etc.    But most important of all buyers are looking for homes that have these entertaining centers.   I guess it’s all part of what author Faith Popcorn called cocooning.  Home is the place to be and people enjoy bringing the outside world into their homes.  Now if I could only get my dog to change his name to Norm.   Below some of the more impressive  (but far from the only) bars currently on the market.  It’s a far cry from that 1970s basement version with the budweiser light and shag carpet.

Lower Level entertaining at 633 Hedges Lane, Sagaponack.  $9,995,000.  Listed by Douglas Elliman… yours truly!    Click for more details.


Arts and Crafts coolness at 44 Little Noyac Path, Water Mill.   $5,950,000.   Listed by Douglas Elliman Joe Piccininni  Click Here for more. 


Rooftop cocktails at 6 Union Street, Sag Harbor.  $7,495,000.   Listed by Compass Kathy Zappola & Scott Strough.  Click here for details.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 12.37.53 PM





sagaponackWhat would you pay for 2 acres south of the highway in Sagaponack?   Yes, it has lush vegetation and is located in one of the most expensive zip codes in the country.    Before you answer,  just know it also has a large building envelope and includes an historic barn that was built in the 1890’s.     Oh, it’s also super close to the Sag General store too.   Well rather than make you guess I’ll let you read the ad from Zillow.     Call me crazy but I think this might be a little aggressive.  Look for price reductions soon.    No it’s not my listing… it’s a for sale by owner.    By the way, if you need to click the financing options button you probably can’t afford it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 7.52.01 AM.png – hopefully they’re negotiable


Yep, it’s the height of the summer season right now here in the Hamptons.    It’s a time for hot hazy days, warm ocean surf and a slew of stars.    But not the kind in the sky, the kind that have twitter accounts and get better service at restaurants than you or I.      Speaking of which; I’ve been asking some of my friends from the biz (yes, most are bartenders– stop it!)  who are some of their favorite famous clientele?     Here are a few names that were thrown out.   All are noted for being friendly, courteous and above all good tippers.

Paul McCartney – He’s “awesome” said one person and very generous.

23rd Annual Simply Shakespeare
They love him, yeah yeah.

Hugh Jackman –  He and his wife are super appreciative and friendly according to my sources.

Jimmy Fallon –  He and his wife always introduce themselves (seriously) to staff and are friendly and outgoing.    Occasionally likes to prank with the staff.

Alec Baldwin – He’s a local and frequent visitor about town, restaurant staff members all remark he’s a “good guy.”  They also point out his wife Hilaria is a super sweet.

Howard Stern – Sits in the back of restaurants as to not attract attention, quiet and really nice to everyone from the front to the back of the house.  He’s also a very very generous tipper.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Yep, she’s goop and spends tons of money on things that most of us can’t even contemplate (check but she’s friendly and shares the wealth with the help.  To quote one source,  “she doesn’t make a fuss when she comes in.”

Jessica Biel – One story involves some rowdy fans approaching her and her husband (who is apparently also famous) in the middle of dinner.    She smiled, posed for selfies and left a nice tip at the end of the meal.     Here’s hoping the Timberlake’s buy out here soon.   I’m happy to help.

Sag Harbor’s Countess

Countess Luann de Lesseps – I don’t watch the housewives… never have… probably never will.. but the buzz around town especially in Sag Harbor is that this lady is just that.

There are a few names I could have put on this list that most waiters and waitresses avoid like the plague.    But I’m trying to stay positive, but if you see me in person feel free to ask.





Million Dollar Listing …errr… Bankruptcy… and Fine Hamptons Dining on aBudget!

Call me wacky but I always find it hard to believe that someone who owns a pricey piece of property would ever allow it to go to auction.   Well maybe that’s why I’m just a humble Hamptons farmer… er… real estate agent.   Anyway, it’s happening two blocks from the beach in the most expensive zip code in the country on Sesascape Lane, in Sagaponack.   The home originally listed at (click for details) $5,995,000 in ’10, briefly went down to $4.9 only to go back up to $5.3 is now on the auction block with Maltz and Company of Central Islip.   The auction takes

Million dollar bankruptcy!  photo from TRULIA.COM

place this Thursday at the “auctioneer’s Gallery, 39 Windsor Place in Central Islip.”    In order to register to bid, all prospective bidders must “present a bank check in the amount of $260,000.”   Check Maltz’s website for all the details.  The property which is quite charming will no doubt be torn down by whoever buys it.  I guess when you have $11,000,000 properties in the hood and J-Lo around the corner, humble just won’t cut it with the neighbors.    Darn, I would have loved to try and sell this puppy.  It’s on a great block and an elegant and unpretentious home.    While it’s too late to take a tour of the house, it’s not too late for the auction so get your bids and your bank checks ready everyone!   I’m sure this is just great for property values!

UPDATE… according to my sources, the property went for $3.800,00!  Not bad!

Finally, a little something I didn’t know.  Apparently the local Hess is a gas station and a dining establishment!  If you don’t believe me, just look no further than the photo attached.  When I asked the attendant on duty about what other delicacies they feature he pointed out the hot dogs, the sandwiches and more!!!  So of course, since I’m more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker I asked the attendant if they charged a corking fee.   His response, after I explained what I meant, “no problem, we won’t charge you.”    He chuckled and obviously got where I was going once I took a pic of the sign.    So who said there is no inexpensive dining in the Hamptons!?  Kids we’re going to the Hess station!!!


…. more to come.   Thx guys.