Rumors about who will be taking over the old Dockside restaurant in Sag Harbor have been swirling ever since the beloved establishment shuttered its doors in November. After announcing plans of being taken over by the folks behind Rita Cantina, word on the street is that the deal has fallen through. While nothing has been confirmed, a reliable source has told me that NYC eatery Il Mulino is set to take its place. Yes, ANOTHER high-end Italian eatery in the village. If you remember Il Mulino already dipped their toes in Hampton waters when they opened at a location in Wainscott which lasted two seasons. Let’s hope they get it right this time. BUT ONCE AGAIN THIS HAS NOT YET BEEN CONFIRMED BUT THIS SOURCE WAS RIGHT LAST TIME.

Get ready, folks! Changes are coming to Country Road 39 this fall, as a 1.9-mile stretch of fresh sidewalk construction is set to begin. While there may be some major grumbling among locals who are concerned about potential traffic disruptions on this main artery in and out of the Hamptons, fear not… or so say the planners. They have stated they thoughtfully scheduled the construction to commence only after peak commuter times, ensuring minimal impact on your daily travels. Plus, the schedule has been crafted to take into account seasonal traffic variations. Yet, why do so many have visions of backed up traffic? Some officials are hoping we all embrace and trust them that the upgrade will lead to smoother and safer journeys along this vital thoroughfare. Uh-huh. Meanwhile North Haven Mayor Chris Fiore wrote in a recent letter to the editors at Southampton Press, “These roadworks and the lack of consideration for the general public — specifically tradespeople who commute here, working people who can’t afford to live here and thousands of others — signal the epitome of deaf bureaucracy.”

Security Concerns for Dummies in Bridgehampton!

We all know that Joe Farrell is making plenty of money these days.  But my question is does he really need a full time security guard to stand in his windows!?   But wait, that’s no ordinary security guard.   The said security guard is always there with his arms crossed and the same lifeless expression on his face.   Hmmmm, could it be in fact that this guard is indeed lifeless?   I walked up to the window the snap a few pics because I was suspect and low and behold no reaction, no movement.  In fact, he should get a job at Madame Toussaud’s.   If anyone has the answers, let me know.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by Greek Bites in Southampton you should.   Friends of mine encouraged me to stop by and get some stuff to go but that’s a little far for me to do a quick drive-by.  So instead I decided to stop in and try it out.   My review on a scale from 1-5 is a solid 4.    The moussaka and fried zucchini that I tried were awesome.   The atmostphere was pleasant and certianly a big improvement over Meson Ole!  So, in conclusion don’t be afraid to try something new!  Greek Bites is located on County Rd. 39, in Southampton.   631-488-4388.