I’m still reeling from the coal in my stocking this holiday season.    I mean I’m not poor, poor, pitiful me but I was hoping for a brand new shiny MacBook so I could bring you  more Hamptons Chatter!    But enough complaining!   Because the optimist that I am, my gaze is now turning toward the new year!    So what will it take to make me truly happy…. other than a good script of Zoloft?   Wait no further, here are my wishes for not only me but everyone in the Hamptons.    Remember, a few years ago I wished for a few  more good Mexican restaurants and now we have two (Coche Comedor and K Pasa).

Domino’s Pizza or Little Caesars – Since Phoenix restaurant in Wainscott closed the home delivery thing in the Hamptons sucks.    I grew up in suburbia and although we didn’t have Ubereats or anything of a sort, we at least had pizza delivery!!    While I know the above pizza companies aren’t exactly gourmet, they deliver!   I’m not picky, I’m just lazy.

More Cell Towers – A few years ago, I wrote a blog about all the dead zones out east (click here)   Well not much has changed in the 6  years since I wrote that piece.    If you don’t believe me how bad it is on the East End, download the Open Signal app.   It will

A VERY CRUDE MAP;  A is an ATT dead zone.  V is Verizon dead zone.

show you how bad it actually gets.    The one thing that has changed is that more folks are abandoning landlines for cell service only.     Where a few years ago, cell phones were a luxury they are now necessity.    The fact the Hamptons have such limited service is not only dangerous it’s irresponsible.  UPDATE:   It looks as if something is happening soon… for ATT users !!!  CLICK HERE

An Upgraded Movie Theater – I love going to the movies.   The popcorn, the shared experience and the amazing real estate commercial before the film even starts are all part of a great evening.    But lately, I’m having CINEMA ENVY.    Social media posts by all of those snowbirds in Florida flaunting reclining chairs and big glasses of Chardonnay while watching Star Wars have me wanting that experience here.

Cool Temps & Red Hot Deal

I know most folks would pay more just to avoid having the seat where your legs are in your mouth and a spring is puncturing your back.

Well enough wishing and complaining for now anyway.    If you’re looking for something good to do this time of year and I know the options are limited… I’m going to start talking about some of the great prix fixes going on right now.   My first choice right now is Tutto Il Giorno in Southampton and Sag Harbor.   On Thursday and Sunday’s they’re offering a 3 course dinner and two glasses of wine for 2 at $59.00 (not including tip).   Considering that’s the price of a single entree at some places, this is a great deal.   Not only that the food is off the hook but not exactly low calorie.    I will also say, this place has some of the best atmosphere of any eatery on the East End.    Well that’s it for me this time around.. MANGIA!








A day of discovery in Sag Harbor!

First I’m telling you the rumors about the demise of La Maison formerly known as JLX Bistro are greatly exaggerated. The brown paper is off the windows and it looks as the if the restaurant run by the folks who bring you Trata will be back another year! For a time there everyone from Almond to Le Circ were rumored to be going into the spot but alas all were wrong. I stopped by and asked one of the head honchos there what the deal was and he told me La Maison will be open again for business the first weekend in May. Now, maybe this year I’ll actually go in and try the food!

Secondly, since moving into the Hamptons full time I’ve had 3 major complaints:

1) There isn’t anywhere to get shoes repaired east of the canal.

2) The movie theatres have the worst selection and options of anywhere on the planet (I swear March of the Penguins played for 3 years in East Hampton).

3) The only Tasti-D-Lite outlet (The Brown Bag in EH) is now a Sunglass Hut or something! There’s no low fat yogurt/ice cream anywhere to be found!!!

Well, now I think I have answers or at least mild solutions to two of my issues. 1– I hear that they do shoe repair in King Kullen in Bridgehampton. I dropped off 3 pairs last week 2 Ferragamo’s and beat up Prada. I’ll let you know how they do. Issue #3… they sell ONLY 8 – no fat, low carb, low calorie ice cream (or frozen pvc) at the Ice Cream shop in Sag Harbor. It’s right next to Vincenzo’s Pizza! Thank goodness… I don’t have to travel all the way into the city for frozen chemically tasting stuff anymore. According to the Only 8 website, a half cup only has 32 calories. If that’s the calorie count, I can deal with the funky taste.