I’m still reeling from the coal in my stocking this holiday season.    I mean I’m not poor, poor, pitiful me but I was hoping for a brand new shiny MacBook so I could bring you  more Hamptons Chatter!    But enough complaining!   Because the optimist that I am, my gaze is now turning toward the new year!    So what will it take to make me truly happy…. other than a good script of Zoloft?   Wait no further, here are my wishes for not only me but everyone in the Hamptons.    Remember, a few years ago I wished for a few  more good Mexican restaurants and now we have two (Coche Comedor and K Pasa).

Domino’s Pizza or Little Caesars – Since Phoenix restaurant in Wainscott closed the home delivery thing in the Hamptons sucks.    I grew up in suburbia and although we didn’t have Ubereats or anything of a sort, we at least had pizza delivery!!    While I know the above pizza companies aren’t exactly gourmet, they deliver!   I’m not picky, I’m just lazy.

More Cell Towers – A few years ago, I wrote a blog about all the dead zones out east (click here)   Well not much has changed in the 6  years since I wrote that piece.    If you don’t believe me how bad it is on the East End, download the Open Signal app.   It will

A VERY CRUDE MAP;  A is an ATT dead zone.  V is Verizon dead zone.

show you how bad it actually gets.    The one thing that has changed is that more folks are abandoning landlines for cell service only.     Where a few years ago, cell phones were a luxury they are now necessity.    The fact the Hamptons have such limited service is not only dangerous it’s irresponsible.  UPDATE:   It looks as if something is happening soon… for ATT users !!!  CLICK HERE

An Upgraded Movie Theater – I love going to the movies.   The popcorn, the shared experience and the amazing real estate commercial before the film even starts are all part of a great evening.    But lately, I’m having CINEMA ENVY.    Social media posts by all of those snowbirds in Florida flaunting reclining chairs and big glasses of Chardonnay while watching Star Wars have me wanting that experience here.

Cool Temps & Red Hot Deal

I know most folks would pay more just to avoid having the seat where your legs are in your mouth and a spring is puncturing your back.

Well enough wishing and complaining for now anyway.    If you’re looking for something good to do this time of year and I know the options are limited… I’m going to start talking about some of the great prix fixes going on right now.   My first choice right now is Tutto Il Giorno in Southampton and Sag Harbor.   On Thursday and Sunday’s they’re offering a 3 course dinner and two glasses of wine for 2 at $59.00 (not including tip).   Considering that’s the price of a single entree at some places, this is a great deal.   Not only that the food is off the hook but not exactly low calorie.    I will also say, this place has some of the best atmosphere of any eatery on the East End.    Well that’s it for me this time around.. MANGIA!








Advice for city folk buying in the Hamptons. Plus, the cheesiest prix fixe meal on the East End!

Now that it’s summer, agents and brokers in the Hamptons are being inundated with folks who are being charmed by our little slice of heaven and want to buy before interest rates go too much higher.    Since most of our buyers are coming here from the city, much of our time is being spent educating them to the differences between, co-ops, condos and owning a home.     One of my bits of advice for those buying in the Hamptons is to use a local attorney.    It’s very different out here.   In fact, I’ve had deals with city attorneys (not all) who really were at a loss for how things get done.   Recently I sat down with Bridgehampton attorney Adam Miller who has also experienced doing deals on both sides of the East River.    Take a look…

While I’m excited for the summer, I get the feeling there are some Hamptons establishments that just don’t want my business anymore.  While I can’t consider myself a local ( I was born in NJ and I have a heart felt appreciation for Superfund sites) I am definitely a year rounder.   That means I’ve been here for more than 5 years and yes this is my primary residence.   I’m here on Tuesday nights in January.     You know the time of year and kind of night when if there are more than 5 tables at a restaurant, it’s a busy night.    It’s a time when we all get along!

One of the things the local restaurants offer to get us out of the house as opposed to doing binge viewing on Netflix is to offer a nice reduced price menu when things are a little slower.     In the winter, this keeps waiters busy and cob webs off the chairs by offering good meals at a reasonable price.   I know it’s the Hamptons, the season is short and the rents are high.   I get it, I really do.   So I’m never going to pay TGIFriday’s prices anywhere on the east end at any time of year.    But when you offer a prix fixe please don’t insult us by giving us a dish that even Kate Moss would say is a joke!
Case in point the photo here!!   This meal was $35 dollars and included a small Caesar salad, this dish and a small desert.     Yes that is an actual full portion of chicken next to my fork with 2.. yes two whole roasted new potatoes.   It looks like a french cut throw away from a Swanson’s TV dinner.   Now,  I’m not going to say the restaurant name, you can figure it out.    The choices out here are limited and I’m afraid to burn a bridge.   I only wished they liked me as much as I like them!

Rodent sees shadow and Sag is trying to make Winter fun!

Whenever I try to think about Groundhog Day, I always get the feeling the results are never right! But then again I think this holiday was best described by Bill Murray’s character Phil in GROUNDHOG DAY.

“RITA:” You’re missing all the fun. These people are great! Some of them have been partying all night long. They sing songs til they get too cold and then they go sit by the fire and get warm and then they come back and sing some more.
“PHIL:” Yeah, they’re HICKS Rita.

Hmmmm, I think Bill was right but still everyone, even sophisticated types ask, “Did THE Groundhog see his shadow?” Well stop holding your breath… the groundhog in question Punxatony (do you really care if I spell this right?)didn’t see his shadow. So now Phil will have some free time to go see “Black Swan” or was it look at a black swan, hmmmmmmm? Anyway according to legend we can all head to the beach next week!

Well until next week when we can put on our Bikinis you can indulge in Sag Harbor’s first “Harbor Frost!” The village will be hosting Ice Sculpting ,” Fireworks by Grucci, “Fire and Ice” promotions at retailers, $20.11 prix fixe menus, a POLAR BEAR PLUNGE OFF LONG WARF and what I see as the highlight… a walking historical ghost tour of Sag Harbor Village.

Yeah, we know it seems more like a Halloween event than Groundhog day time but I still watch Ghost Hunters in August! That’s why I, along with the rest of the Sag Harbor Prudential Douglas Elliman office will be sponsoring a FREE tour which will start at 6:45p sharp in our office at 138 Main St. The tour will be led by Tony Garro of the Sag Harbor Historical Society and Annette Hinkle from the Sag Harbor express. In addition to our two leaders, we’ll have a spiritualist who will help us get some additional dirt from those who are currently six feet under the dirt!!!

One the properties we’re hoping to visit will be the former home of Robertson Realty, PDE and now currently Wellnest on Main Street. Several sane agents who I know and
respect have told me creepy tales of doors slamming, items moving and a very old woman who likes to hang out dressed in 19Th Century dress on the third floor. It’s really creepy stuff and to be honest, I’ve heard it from too many people to totally think it’s just one persons imagination. So come join us Saturday 6:45p while we party with Gozer and the Key Master!!!

For more details on Harborfest go to the following link for more details: http://bit.ly/ew7wkI

Finally two quick blind items about Hamptons real estate
This agent definitely likes Brown but should actually be afraid of blue and especially those folks in blue who’ve been put on notice. Apparently when said agent left their last gig at another company the cops in blue were called in to stand by in case. Management thought said peRson was a little off and might try something a bit wacky! Any guesses?

Now number two; this agent may look like his/her two dogs but that doesn’t mean they’re cute and lovable. In fact this person goes to the E. Hampton dog park and always seems to start a scuffle. Now dog lovers are running the other way every time this newly promoted agent comes by. YEAH, YOU KNOW WHO!

I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception!!!

Ironic, one of my favorite Marx Brothers lines came to mind last night (see today’s headline). But no I didn’t say it! I was enjoying my dinner in the basement of 1770 House last night when a rather loud woman next to me was extolling the virtues of a certain “News” channel. She claimed it was the only one that gave viewers the “whole story.” I nearly lost it! Now, I can’t get into it for legal reasons but I did give her a piece of my mind and tried to educate her to the best of my ability. I mean, she had a sort of “sapphic” (not that there is anything wrong with that) look to her and to me she seemed like a chicken defending Colonel Sanders. I don’t think it worked.

Anyway, if you get a chance, go to 1770 house. They have one of the best prix fixe dinners around. You can order from the pub menu in the basement or from the upstairs menu. Either way, I love it and it’s a great deal! $35 for a three course meal or $19.95 for a two course off of the pub menu. On the pub menu is the meatloaf that the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten twittered was the best she ever had. I have to say, I agree! Anyway, if you want to make reservations or get more details at www.1770house.com and I hope for your sake there is no Faux News on!

And now speaking of the Marx Brothers… this coming Saturday Bay Street Theatre will be showing “MONKEY BUSINESS!” It’s no “Night at the Opera” but any Marx Brothers is a good Marx Brothers. Admission is $5 or you can throw in a dinner at the American Hotel for $25 including the movie ticket. Now that’s an awesome deal if you ask me. (The American Hotel 631-725-3535)

Finally, if you’re having computer trouble STAPLES in Bridgehampton is doing free computer cleanups. They’ll help you defrag your computer, scan for viruses and get it running smooth in no time at all. It’s free so don’t let them sell you anything except for one of the “EASY” buttons! I love those!!