Games Hamptons People Play

Just in time for Halloween!

Boardwalk. Go to jail. Do not pass go. These are all synonymous with the game of Monopoly, which has been collecting dust in family closets for generations. But now there’s a new version of the game that is ready to eat up shelf space and raise a few eyebrows at the same time: Hamptons Monopoly. You probably saw it displayed as you entered the local CVS or vareity store. This version of the game, which is set in The Hamptons, features a number of changes to the traditional game board, including different properties and different prices. While some people love the new twists on the classic game, others like me feel that it could just as well be set in Ronkonkoma. Meaning, this board game was developed by some intern at Hasbro who was researching articles in Long Island Pennysaver.

First off, Boardwalk and Park Place have been replaced with the Montauk Light House and Shelter Island. While not exactly Baltic Avenue, one would think Boardwalk would be Sag Harbor Main Street or Southampton Bath and Tennis. Instead of going to Jail maybe they should just put you in line at Citarealla. As for the game game pieces, the car looks kind of like a Ford Pinto (have they been to the Hamptons?). Why didn’t they at least have something more hip like a Moke! But before you think they totally missed the mark, the retail price for the Hamptons version is $39.99 while the regular sells for $16.34 on I think I’ll stick to solitaire on my phone.

The Lobster has left !

Another restaurant falls victim to the tough Hamptons restaurant scene. The Montauk Lobster House, nestled between Sen and the American Hotel on Main Street Sag Harbor, has closed its doors. The restaurant’s location and proximity to other successful businesses should have made it a huge success, but apparently not. Maybe it was the dumb name considering it’s in Sag Harbor. Or maybe it was just bad luck. Either way, there’s no news yet about what’s going into the space which was also formerly occupied by Wolffer Kitchen. We can only hope that the new business will have better luck than the Montauk Lobster House.

Book Hampton Sag Harbor is Gone and Mostly Forgotten… and a Way to Prevent Serious Accidents in the Hamptons!

The former BookHampton Sag Harbor

Well it was long rumored and now it’s true… Bookhampton in Sag Harbor is now a memory.  I actually just noticed it gone yesterday but sadly it’s been gone for awhile.  Blame it on Kindle or Ibooks but the

fact remains, retail is hard in the Hamptons.     I just wonder how long before all of Main Streets are entirely empty, then I have no doubt some of the villages will have no choice but to allow some of the larger chain stores to move onto the block.

Perhaps the biggest reason I was slow to figure out that there was a retail shuffle in Sag Harbor was due to the fact that I was out of town (the other that I have Netflix on my Ipad and I’m slowly becoming an illiterate slob).    I was on Cape Cod in Provincetown, MA.     Now, while there are many great things about P-twon as it’s called, the restaurants, the beaches and the abundance of really unattractive drag queens, my favorite thing was the amazing bike trails!   The beautifully maintained National Seashore Bike Trails contain miles of challenging and motor vehicle free biking!    They feature views of dunes, forest, ponds and even the ocean and are one of the bigger and popular attractions on “The Cape.”  Now, my question is why don’t we have this in the Hamptons!?!

Imagine bike trails here!!

With more accidents in the Hamptons than ever before, no doubt due to drivers being distracted by their smart phones, the time is now for the east end to create some safe areas for bikers.    This is perhaps the reason why one employee at a local bike shop told me, “anyone who rides after 10 am on a weekend is asking for trouble.”    If you have any doubt about this, go to any of the villages on a weekend.  It’s crowded beyond belief and nobody is watching where they go!   Yeah, I know it’s important stuff they’re doing like checking Facebook or Foursquare or texting about the next Soulcycle class.

So here’s my idea, someone talk to LIPA about a good will gesture that if they execute, I will forgive them the 2 weeks I spent in the dark after Sandy (It was horrible, I had no Netflix).  They take the area under the high tension wires on the East End, you know the ones they refused to bury and pave bike trails underneath.   These things go for miles (look on Google Earth) and a bike trail from Southampton to Montauk could easily be created (IMHO) and hopefully encourage folks to bike to the village instead of taking their Escalades and Hummers.   It’s a win win for everyone!    It might even help alleviate some of the fist fights in the parking lot of those spin studios.  Imagine, bicycling to a spin class!   So how do we get this done?!

OVERHEARD:   While standing in line at the Red Horse Market deli counter in East Hampton.  After ordering a pound and a half of smoked turkey breast the customer asks the employee, “Can you count those, I need to know how many slices I have there!?”   Only in the Hamptons.

How to de-haunt your house… some restaurant obits.. and Bieberfever to hit the Hamptons?

I don’t know what to say, I’m so annoyed at myself for neglecting my little blog. At one point I was getting about 300 to 400 hits a day but alas, I took a few weeks off due to a cold, exhaustion and creative drain. You don’t think this blog just writes itself do you??! So how can I make it up to you? I’m not sure but here it goes.

Sad news… very sad news….one of East Hamptons favorite spots Turtle Crossing is no more! But more on that in a minute… also sad… La Fondita, the best Mexican food in the Hamptons will soon be closed for the season. What’s worse is they won’t be selling their amazing tortilla soup and tacos at Town Line BBQ this winter!! Two years ago it was great to go to town line and have your choice from either menu. I’m sad. I will say that Estia in Sag Harbor actually has some pretty good Mexican options on their menu if you’re going into withdrawal. The tacos and the home made chips and guacamole could hold their own at any cantina in the city!

Now, Back to restaurants closing, according to their facebook page “Turtle Crossing” in East Hampton has shuttered their doors for good. Sad news! They’ve entered the zone of restaurants past along with … here’s a shocker… RUGOSA! What there wasn’t a demand for “roast pheasant in plumb sauce” in the Hamptons!?” We all knew Rugosa’s location there is a little jinxed or at least haunted. And speaking of…

So, this may be a day late and a dollar short but a website called is offering some tips on how to keep your house from being haunted! What are some of their ideas? Nail a horseshoe over the front door! WHAT?!!! HAVE THESE PEOPLE EVER SEEN A ROADRUNNER CARTOON!? Horsehoes are deadly! How about a nice MEZEZUAH instead? Yep, that’s one of their suggestions too. Along with painting the porch “Haint” blue, because it resembles water and ghosts are apparently afraid of water. Hmmmm… ok.

Also, make sure your stairs don’t have a number that is divisible by 3! This is of course the Filipino tradition of “Oro, Platta, Mata.” Of course we knew about that already. Divide by three? I’d be better at calculating 3% or 6% for that matter (realtor humor)! Anyway, if you want to read more… go the website and check it out and click in the blogs section. By the way, I hear Murph’s in Sag Harbor is allegedly haunted. I don’t think they need to paint the porch blue if they want to get rid of the ghouls in that place, they just need to raise the prices!!!

Finally, is it true or not? A broker friend of mine allegedy got a call from some guy who says he works for Justin Bieber. Apparently the Biebster is looking to find a house in the Hamptons. Fashon trend alert, tupperware bowl cuts for everyone!!! Oh the humanity!

East Hampton is open… so is the rest of the Hamptons! Except for CHASE!

So, a quick blog today. I was out and about town today. While most of the Hamptons is open; you can buy madras pants at JCrew or get a new Polo at Ralph Lauren there are a few things you can’t do. You can’t walk into a real estate office, relax everyone nobody is looking at houses today. You also can’t do any banking at CHASE! Apple Bank is open. North Fork is open. But Chase is closed!!! HUH?! There’s another reason I hate this bank!!! Anyway, here are some pictures of what’s going on around town.. let’s start with the closed Chase Bank!