Games Hamptons People Play

Just in time for Halloween!

Boardwalk. Go to jail. Do not pass go. These are all synonymous with the game of Monopoly, which has been collecting dust in family closets for generations. But now there’s a new version of the game that is ready to eat up shelf space and raise a few eyebrows at the same time: Hamptons Monopoly. You probably saw it displayed as you entered the local CVS or vareity store. This version of the game, which is set in The Hamptons, features a number of changes to the traditional game board, including different properties and different prices. While some people love the new twists on the classic game, others like me feel that it could just as well be set in Ronkonkoma. Meaning, this board game was developed by some intern at Hasbro who was researching articles in Long Island Pennysaver.

First off, Boardwalk and Park Place have been replaced with the Montauk Light House and Shelter Island. While not exactly Baltic Avenue, one would think Boardwalk would be Sag Harbor Main Street or Southampton Bath and Tennis. Instead of going to Jail maybe they should just put you in line at Citarealla. As for the game game pieces, the car looks kind of like a Ford Pinto (have they been to the Hamptons?). Why didn’t they at least have something more hip like a Moke! But before you think they totally missed the mark, the retail price for the Hamptons version is $39.99 while the regular sells for $16.34 on I think I’ll stick to solitaire on my phone.

The Lobster has left !

Another restaurant falls victim to the tough Hamptons restaurant scene. The Montauk Lobster House, nestled between Sen and the American Hotel on Main Street Sag Harbor, has closed its doors. The restaurant’s location and proximity to other successful businesses should have made it a huge success, but apparently not. Maybe it was the dumb name considering it’s in Sag Harbor. Or maybe it was just bad luck. Either way, there’s no news yet about what’s going into the space which was also formerly occupied by Wolffer Kitchen. We can only hope that the new business will have better luck than the Montauk Lobster House.

Sag Harbor Love Shack to Become Coffee Klatch at Latham House…and ATTENTI Shoe Lovers!

I caught wind of some good gossip out of Sag Harbor: UNCONFIRMED RUMOR HAS IT… The famed 1790-built Peleg Latham House, listed by Brown Harris Stevens for $5,999,000 and current home of pink and wispy women’s clothing store LoveShackFancy, just sold to Jack Mazzola, owner of Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee. I wonder if the B-52s get a cut? After all, Fred Schneider is no stranger to these parts.

Unfortunately for Mazzola, I’m also hearing LoveShackFancy—”She’s a dreamer, a lover, elegantly ethereal, and romantic at heart…”—might not want to give up their lease. And why would they? Located at 117 Main Street, Latham House is one of Sag Harbor’s most historic and iconic buildings.

From Brown Harris Steven

The three-level, 3,162-square-foot federal-style home offers more than 1,150 square feet of prime retail space and a Main Street-accessible residence with exposed wood beams, seven custom brick fireplaces and beautifully aged hardwood floors. And while it’s old, Latham House isn’t short of luxury and pomp, including a spacious living room, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, full bath, laundry and butler’s pantry on the first floor. Jack will have to supply his own butler, but it’s nice to know Jeeves would be well supplied. This place exemplifies old-world charm, with history oozing from every exposed brick and venerable wood beam.

Outside, the backyard features a spacious brick patio, gunite pool, private garden and manicured landscaping.

The BHS listing started at $7,999,000 in January 2020, dropped to $6,995,000 last July and finally landed at an irresistible $5,999,000 in February.

Italian Fashion Comes to EH, Twice

Speaking of new business, two of Italy’s most recognizable fashion brands, Gucci and Tod’s, now have spots in East Hampton Village. 

Shoe biz and more in East Hampton!

Passersby in EH will have seen the pink flowers and Gucci logos filling the windows at 17 Newtown Lane, which used to house Club Monaco. Renovations are underway behind those covered windows, and soon the flower motif will give way to displays by one of the fashion world’s most seminal designers. Watch for updates, including the opening date.

Meanwhile, just down the block at 47 Newtown Lane, Tod’s is open for business selling shoes, belts and other fine Italian leather goods in the former home of Tory Burch.

Everyone is waiting for what’s going to be a gangbuster summer, and with Europe still off limits it’s sort of a foregone conclusion. Hamptons shopping is back, baby.


Doppio in Sag Harbor…. brown paper seems to be it’s color!

Good Morning all.. or is it afternoon?  Either way, HC as some people like to call this blog has been off the grid for the past few months.  It’s been a period of reflection and real estate and a media blackout.  I’ve ignored TV, radio and the internet for weeks now.  So before I read the papers about the Jeb versus Hillary show… I mean nobody was going to vote for “him,” I did some recon in and around the Hamptons to get the latest in our neck of the woods.

So word about town in Sag Harbor is that DOPPIO is definitely DONE-I-OH.   As if the incident of last summer’s sudden shuttering wasn’t a big enough omen for you, the Italian bistro has packed it’s bags and headed off for greener and perhaps less discerning pastures.    But while this is a surprise for virtually nobody, the big buzz is about what’s going in there!  So, what will it be?   Apparently, it’s going to be brown paper on the windows for the next few months.  Unconfirmed word about town is that the state of the space is in a bit on the worn side and a renovation is afoot.  If I have wrong information here, let me know and I’ll fix it!  I still miss the old “Paradise” in Sag Harbor.  Please can somebody talk to somebody and bring it back?    It had good service, good food and a great atmosphere, something far too many restaurateurs in the Hamptons have a hard time understanding.

Meantime, why is it so tough to find a summer rental this season?  Well it’s not as the NY Times would have you believe.     The mad rush that they report every year (“act now if you want your summer Hamptons get away) as having taking place is more myth than reality.    The truth is with all of the new regulations that include rental permits, registries and blood oaths more than a few home owners have decided NOT to rent rather than deal with all of the drama.    Now, I’m sure some agents and brokers are going to say, “not at all.”   But I’m speaking from my experiences in the past few weeks.    I’ve called numerous landlords about renting only to have them inform me the house is no longer available.     I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing but I can tell you, if you’re debating on renting your home this coming season… make sure to get the permit and protect yourself before getting into the pool… it’s smaller this year than it’s been in a long time!

Chilly Scenes of Winter… in The Hamptons!!!


Town Line Beach, Wainscottt


My favorite Hamptons Snow Bunnies!


Georgica Pond


The White House, East Hampton Village


East Hampton Village


Off the Pond, EH Village


East Hampton Library


Dune Alpin….. snowy horse fields!
Yeah, my dogs.  It’s my blog… so my dogs!